Why is River Ganga so scared to Hindus part 3

How the ancient ceremonies help in the first year of losing loved ones.


Why is River Ganga so scared to Hindus- part 2

Why do we have funerals and cremation ceremonies? The old system of keeping genealogical records.

Nal and Damyanti- a story told through Kathakali and Raja Ravi Varma paintings- Part 4

(To read the story from the beginning go to nal-and-damyanti-a-story-told-through-kathakali-and-raja-ravi-varma-paintings-part-1) Living in Kosala, Bahuka often worried what might have happened to Damyanti in the forest. One day when the other two servants were deep asleep, he cursed himself and sang a tragic separation song in her memory. Jeevalam was half awake and overheard this exceptional poetry….