My name is Rakhi Jain. After  a PG degree in management and extension, I worked for  UNICEF in India. I have a doctorate on Teenage Pregnancy and have published articles in  Medical journals. Reader’s Digest India published my article ‘When young girls are at risk’ in 2014. Married to a corporate executive, I am a mother of three young girls. I also write a regular blog ‘straight to the point’ for a parenting site Mycity4kids.

I believe nobody can ever grow up enough, to stop enjoying stories (anecdotes, tales, biographies, recounts and narrations). Old or new, they interest us, intrigue our minds, grip and wrench our hearts. They are magic time machines, that take us in the past or fly us into the future. They show us how people balance hopes and dreams with their limitations. In this process, we grow ourselves. These stories inspire us to fight our doubts  that we can’t begin, do or finish our tasks. They mend our thoughts and we wear them like mended shoes to begin our journey again. This is the reason why I call myself a ‘Thought smith’.

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Header image- John William Waterhouse: A Tale from the Decameron|Lady Lever Art Gallery, Liverpool, England. Source- Wikimedia commons.