Is Ibhaya fine without her parents?

Choosing faith over parenting duties- strange case of Ibhaya’s parents.


Navaratri – Celebrations time

Navratri meaning nine nights is the time of Goddess worship in India. The Goddess is perceived as mother whether as nature, human or divine. The psyche behind Goddess worship is deep rooted; mother is the first and vital caregiver in a child’s life. Relation with father is in the mind realm, where what is right…

The Ripped Genes

Balancing fashion with teen girl’s safety in local transport.

How Renuka became Yellamma or Ekvira

An ancient story of emotional infidelity. How a banished woman gained the status of Goddess. The Devdasi tradition piggy-backed the story of Renuka.

Decoding the psychology and method of a Paedophile

For over ten years, a paedophile teacher, Rameez, raped, abused and blackmailed numerous schoolboys in Jaipur. Despite several complaints from students, the school administration didn’t inform the police and simply asked Rameez to resign. They risked safety of hundreds of other children. “My son was barely 14 when this teacher abused him first. He threatened…