Nurse Lini tending to Nipah victims dies, leaves a sentimental letter for the husband.

There is no vaccine for NiV yet. The mortality rate is above 70% in infected cases.


India needs a Rachael Denhollander too!

We need another Rachael in India to rid the sports academies of sexual abuse.

The Flamingo’s flight

Post their mother’s death Reema and Rohit come to know their always a housewife mother, had a past with a famous wild life photographer. Was she an adulteress or a devoted mother, they can’t decide.

The Rainbow coloured Umbrella

A kiss separates a Sikh man from his Muslim childhood sweetheart. Is there anything that stays a witness to their five decade long love?

Mansarovar- a short story

A young couple rents a house in an orchard owned by a young widow. Things don’t end well for the new tenants.