Never use my name

How a new bride calls her husband without using his name.


The Seduction Trap

I paid the vegetable vendor, adjusted the baby on one side of my waist and picked the heavy bag with other hand. ¬†Our apartment has this bustling mini market where I buy everyday essentials like any other urban family. One can meet nearly all the neighbours in the evening, if you stayed for half an…

Raksha Bharadia- a woman with a vision

My writing journey has earned me a lot of friends. Raksha might know a lot of stories about couple relations. What she does not know, is that she is an inspirational story herself.

How Renuka became Yellamma or Ekvira

An ancient story of emotional infidelity. How a banished woman gained the status of Goddess. The Devdasi tradition piggy-backed the story of Renuka.

The third sin of Brahma

How creator God Brahma lied to win a contest and got caught. Why soul is described as a little flame or beam of light in each body.