Nurse Lini tending to Nipah victims dies, leaves a sentimental letter for the husband.

There is no vaccine for NiV yet. The mortality rate is above 70% in infected cases.


Razi- a review.

It is easy to hate the faceless enemy across the barbed wire fence but what when you share a home, a bed and a life with him?

Officer and a gentleman

Vijay Sanghvi impatiently stood up from the park bench again; he had been sitting there on for an hour. After straightening his olive green camouflage uniform, he adjusted his maroon beret. Pacing the area around the wooden bench, he looked at his watch for the nth time. Vijay had rushed straight from the cantonment. There…

The Flamingo’s flight

Post their mother’s death Reema and Rohit come to know their always a housewife mother, had a past with a famous wild life photographer. Was she an adulteress or a devoted mother, they can’t decide.

Home coming

What is is to go on loving someone, you cannot forgive and cannot forget?