From Influenza treatment to Influenza prevention

Sometimes we face trying times and the traumatic memories get imprinted in our minds forever. It was January 2003. I was working as a research scholar, with a five year old child and a fourth month pregnancy. My days were hectic. I worked both at home and at the hospital where I collected the data…

The shravan Kawar Yatra

How the Kawar Yatra of Haridwar Rishikesh has evolved over time.

Razi- a review.

It is easy to hate the faceless enemy across the barbed wire fence but what when you share a home, a bed and a life with him?

Officer and a gentleman

Vijay Sanghvi impatiently stood up from the park bench again; he had been sitting there on for an hour. After straightening his olive green camouflage uniform, he adjusted his maroon beret. Pacing the area around the wooden bench, he looked at his watch for the nth time. Vijay had rushed straight from the cantonment. There…